MakeSafe Tarping Roof Tarps

When a storm hits, Makesafe Tarping can do what no other tarping system can!

When you need temporary protection, covering or shelter, there hasn’t been too many options available. Traditionally we are use to heavy tarpaulins that cover a small roof area and need to be tied down with ropes. These conventional tarps take a long time to install, cause further damage and need to be regularly maintained.

Well, now there is a new system that is lighter, quicker and stronger than the old canvas tarpaulins… MakeSafe Tarping. Covering an entire house in a single roll (approx. 180 sq/m), MakeSafe Tarping is a light weight alternative that is durable and long-lasting. Moulding easily to the most complex rooflines, MakeSafe Tarping is able to be cut around penetrations (such as pipes) and does not interfere with the collection of rainwater.

When disaster strikes…think Makesafe Tarping!